"The environment is conducive to helping me accomplish my fitness goals. I feel very comfortable here. The members at crossroads aren't here to see how many heads they can turn, they're all here to accomplish the same goal, good health. My trainer, Carrie, has taught me so much about weight training and exercise.

I feel like I understand it and she encourages me in ways I could never duplicate. She relates to me and celebrates my successes (sometimes almost more than I do). She is amazing!"

- Janelle Gardiner
"I enjoy Crossroads Fitness because of the comfortable atmosphere, the friendly staff and the fun group classes. The staff is eager to help with questions regarding equipment, exercise plans or weight loss.

The training programs and group classes are designed for all fitness levels and you can always find a class to your liking. This facility is a class act!"

- Jacki Sanders
"It is a privilege to be associated with such a respectable and refined organization Crossroads Fitness is an asset to the fitness industry, members and surrounding community. Over the past 23 years I have been involved in hundreds of fitness projects across the country. Crossroads Fitness rivals some of the most exclusive and prestigious. It is exceptionally equipped, aesthetically designed and the decor is impeccable; It's a wonderful example of quality and high standards I frequently refer to with my new customers."

- Monte Kleinmeyer, West Coast Director
"What sheer pleasure to work with an owner who had such vision and commitment to providing the city of Ogden with a unique fitness experience! The rustic interior creates a warm, comfortable environment that is inviting for any and all ages.

Members say that it feels more like a mountain resort than a traditional fitness center. The club is not only special to the area, but is truly one of the nicest facilities in the country. I trust the people in the community will appreciate and take full advantage of this special opportunity to realize their personal fitness goals in a facility designed to maximize their potential."

- Del Reanne Lucas
"Crossroads Fitness is the finest facility I have ever belonged to. The equipment is all state-of-the-art, and is kept extremely clean and in excellent working condition. One of the most alluring aspects of the facility was that no children are allowed on the floor. They have a day care facility for the children so that parents can exercise without worrying about them. I would recommend this facility for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. The trainers help with your diet and set-up workout increments to fit what you are trying to do. I am proud to be a member and enjoy going to Crossroads Fitness."

- Kevin Stevens
"My wife and I joined Crossroads fitness health club in March 2004.

We immediately received assistance from a certified personal trainer to set goals to increase strength, flexibility and energy. They have state-of-the art equipment, several exercise classes are available such as yoga, body pump, body step, x-bike, stretch classes for the golfer and even silver sneakers for the elderly. The locker rooms are equipped with sun tanning and massage therapy and private showers.

This is a great place to get in shape, meet people, socialize and have fun."

- Ed & Alma Burrow
"Although I live in Denver, because of family health problems I have been in Sandy close to a year. In the past my weight would balloon during extended stays with family. Although I belong to two national fitness centers, I could not get to them consistently because of lack of transportation.

Since I could walk to the Sandy location, I joined Crossroads Fitness in January and purchased six months of personal training with access to Dot fit Supplements. Unlike my previous personal training that focused on weight training, the Crossroads trainers included many functional exercises using a variety of simple but effective moves and equipment. The results of the combination of functional exercises, weight training, and Dot fit supplements were surprisingly effective. I achieved my weight goal of 135 by losing 11 pounds. I also lost 4% body fat and a total of 9.75 inches. I was elated with the results. Besides the training, Crossroads has a friendly, helpful staff. They greet every member and are always available to answer questions. The instructors of the fitness classes are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Also the equipment is organized better than other facilities with the different stations clearly marked. The equipment is well maintained and includes machines that are not commonly available. I highly recommend Crossroads Fitness in Sandy.

- Cheryl Petrarca
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